We visited El Furniture Warehouse in London on a Saturday night before checking out a concert by Lights at the London Music Hall. Locally the site is just referred to as ‘The Warehouse’ – the restaurant is part of a chain that originated in Vancouver back in 2001.

How is the setting?

The Warehouse is located right in downtown London. The address is 645 Richmond Street, perfectly placed on Richmond Row to draw the student crowd from Western.

The restaurant has modern and rustic decor. Everyone is seated close together at tables of varying heights. The bar is located in the centre of the restaurant. There are windows all along the front wall so you can sit and watch the downtown traffic.

Atmosphere & Hygge Factor

This restaurant has a very modern, young vibe, and is usually full of university students. (When we visited, there was already a lineup at the door around 6pm). The lights are dim but they have many forms of alternative lighting. Everything about the space made me feel comfortable.


Here is the hook: every food item on the menu is $5.95! Most of the food is Mexican style, but there are lots of other options too. To start we had the Quinoa & Green Apple Salad, which was well done. I went with the Beef Soft Tacos, and Andrew had the Baja Fish Tacos. Our colleague Jenn tried the Mushroom Swiss Burger with fries.

Food & Drinks

Everything on the menu may be $5.95, but the cocktails bring in the money. Andrew tried a Sour Key with a bottle of Corona rigged to back-flow into the glass. Cheap food and cool drinks!


The waitress was very relaxed and nice. She was good at making conversation.

Did we feel at home?

I felt really comfortable at this restaurant. It was fun and light. It’s the kind of place you would meet your friends at after a long day, just to relax and hang out together.

Did we feel at home? Well, being at the Warehouse feels more like partying at the home of a close friend … you’re happy to be there, and happy to go back again, too.

Article by Maddie King with contributions by Andrew Gunn