Donor Spotlight: Andrew Gunn

Donor Spotlight: Andrew Gunn

Recently Andrew Gunn (right) made a personal donation of $2500 to support the innovative programming offered at the STEAM Centre in St. Thomas, including the introduction of STEAM City Media. Alex Popen and Maddie King are two of the student-journalists now employed by the STEAM Centre. Andrew volunteers his time regularly as well to help bring STEAM City Media to life. (Photo Credit: Josh Gorman)

The STEAM Centre has introduced a new approach to education and innovation in our community. In order to advance this mission further, we require the support of local donors and sponsors. Andrew Gunn has been involved with the development of the STEAM Centre from the beginning. Naturally, he wanted to help us kickstart our fundraising campaign! Gunn has stepped forward with a personal donation of $2500 to support STEAM Centre programming, including the launch of our new student-run media outlet, STEAM City Media.

Why should individuals, businesses and foundations support the STEAM Centre? According to Gunn, the Centre offers a way for local businesses and organizations to have a positive impact on students and help young people define the future of our community.

“Donors and sponsors should definitely support the STEAM Centre,” Gunn says. “This is a one-of-a- kind facility that provides students the opportunity to connect with the local community, and vice versa. We are fortunate to have the STEAM Centre in St. Thomas.”

Gunn emphasizes three specific ways in which the STEAM Centre makes a big impact:

  1. After-school programming: young learners take courses on robotics, automation, 3D printing, animation, coding and art, all guided by exceptional instructors who encourage everyone to imagine how to design new products and experiences;
  2. STEAM School: this terrific, ground-breaking partnership between the STEAM Centre and the Thames Valley District School Board allows grade ten students to take courses and also work directly with local businesses and organizations on special projects;
  3. Social innovation and enterprise: the STEAM Centre provides opportunities for young people to make life better for others in our community through new ventures – the launch of STEAM City Media illustrates how local high school students can make a real difference.

“Sometimes in St. Thomas we get stuck in old ways of doing things,” Gunn reflects. “The STEAM Centre is focussed entirely on embracing new technologies and methodologies. I encourage every individual and local business to get involved and find ways to collaborate with STEAM Centre staff and students, and move our community forward. It is my pleasure to contribute funds and to volunteer my time with the team at STEAM City Media. Our three student-journalists – Maddie King, Alex Popen, and Jenn Klassen – are smart, talented, and driven to make an impact locally. The STEAM Centre makes these types of projects possible.”

Interested community members can learn more about the STEAM Centre at and donate directly via

For additional information, please contact:
Jessica Moyes,
Executive Director, STEAM Education Centres

New Donor: JMP Engineering

New Donor: JMP Engineering

STEAM Educations Centres wishes to thank JMP Engineering for the recent donation of $750. JMP proudly supports local STEAM based organizations in order to ignite a lifelong interest in science and technology in our community’s next generation. STEAM Centre is thrilled to partner with JMP Engineering towards a bright and prosperous future ahead in the STEAM fields!

“JMP proudly supports local STEAM based organizations in order to ignite a lifelong interest in science and technology in our community’s next generation. We are a company that develops unique solutions for customers in a variety of industries in locations across North America using cutting edge process control, automation, and information technologies. JMP sees a bright and prosperous future ahead in our field with continued support of STEAM programs!”