Joe Thornton Weekend in St. Thomas!

Joe Thornton Weekend in St. Thomas!

Joe Thornton is returning to his hometown of St. Thomas for two very special events.

On Friday, June 22nd, Thornton will be helping to host ‘The Big Assist’, an intimate evening inside the historic Elgin County Railway Museum to raise funds to support the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and the STEAM Centre. Donors who contribute $2500 (or more!) to boost the two charitable organizations will enjoy a relaxed night of local food and drinks set in and around the impressive collection of locomotives and railway artifacts in the Museum event space.

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STEAM City Interview: Jeff Yurek

Voters in Ontario head to the polls on Thursday, June 7th. For most, this will mean choosing a candidate representing one of the four major parties: the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats, or the Green Party.

Railway City Burger Quest!

National Hamburger Day pops up on the amusing, ever-evolving calendar of ‘National Holidays’ every May 28th. This year our friends at Railway City Tourism challenged our team at STEAM City Media to go on a quest — specifically, the ‘Railway City Burger Quest!’

New Show: Generation Gap!

If you do not follow STEAM City Media on Instagram, check us out! This is where we launch new shows and post photos and videos daily. One of our new shows is called Generation Gap. In the show, my colleague Andrew Gunn and I talk about movies, books, and music that we...

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Top Ten Ways to Make Things Better at the Elgin Mall

When the new owners of the Elgin Mall purchased the property in fall 2016, the challenge was clear: how can the retail complex rebound after at least a decade of steady decline? Well, brothers Jay and Mory Burstein have started the process by revamping the large space...

The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking

In February I wrote a review of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. Hygge is a Danish word that refers to the idea of ‘cosiness’, or how we make ourselves and others feel at home. Wiking has written a new book called The Little Book of Lykke.

Top Ten Ways to Transform Downtown St. Thomas

Right now there are plenty of terrific things happening in St. Thomas: our homebuilders are attracting lots of newcomers to the community; the City is investing in a new soccer field complex on the north side of town and adding a social services campus at the west end...

Review: Lights, Skin & Earth

Lights has been building up to something special in her career, and that something special is her fourth album, Skin & Earth, released in September 2017.

One of the Last Kangaroos

Who exactly are the Kangaroos? Interestingly, the roots of the Kangaroo Regiment – and the connection to St. Thomas – take us back to World War Two, specifically Holland in fall 1944.

6 days ago

STEAM City Media

We have an awesome event coming up in St.Thomas with NHL star Joe Thornton in support of the St.Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation + STEAM Centre ... on Friday, June 22nd, Maddie + Andrew are helping to host ‘The Big Assist’, a totally unique evening that will take place in the cool warehouse event space Elgin County Railway Museum ... we are gathering to celebrate donors who contribute $2500 (or more!) to support the Hospital and the STEAM Centre!
If you are interested in coming to the event, just send us a a direct message + we will connect you to the organizers ... and remember, the next day, Saturday, June 23rd, the City of St.Thomas will be naming the arena at 75 CASO Crossing the ‘Joe Thornton Community Centre’ ... there will be a presentation on the ice starting at 12:45pm, and then at 1:30pm all youth (17 and under) have the opportunity to skate with Joe!
#JoeThornton #thebigassist #sttont #feelslikehome
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2 weeks ago

STEAM City Media

Major announcement!! on Saturday, June 23rd, the arena at 75 CASO Crossing in St. Thomas will be officially named the ‘Joe Thornton Community Centre’

Come one, come all! fill the rink + check out a special on-ice presentation with Joe Thornton at 12:45pm, and at 1:30 all kids ages 17 + under are invited to get on the ice + skate with Joe!! there is no cost to attend, so come on out + visit St. Thomas ✨ (and yes, if you or someone you know has an amazing beard, tag us + let us know! we’re looking for the top ten beards in St. Thomas)

#joethorntoncommunitycentre #sttont #feelslikehome

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2 weeks ago

STEAM City Media

Maddie and Andrew Review Local Restaurants! Thanks to Gunn and Associates for sponsoring our show. We really love Unique Food Attitudes in London! Special thanks to Barbara Czyz for the terrific food + for making us feel at home ... the krokiety and red borsch is definitely a good choice, or the pierogi with fried onion and sour cream ... and goodness! Get the paczki for dessert for sure! Perfect way to finish.
#oevldn #feelslikehome
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