Top Ten Ways to Make Things Better at the Elgin Mall

Top Ten Ways to Make Things Better at the Elgin Mall

When the new owners of the Elgin Mall purchased the property in fall 2016, the challenge was clear: how can the retail complex rebound after at least a decade of steady decline? Well, brothers Jay and Mory Burstein have started the process by revamping the large space...

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The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking

In February I wrote a review of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. Hygge is a Danish word that refers to the idea of ‘cosiness’, or how we make ourselves and others feel at home. Wiking has written a new book called The Little Book of Lykke.

Top Ten Ways to Transform Downtown St. Thomas

Right now there are plenty of terrific things happening in St. Thomas: our homebuilders are attracting lots of newcomers to the community; the City is investing in a new soccer field complex on the north side of town and adding a social services campus at the west end...

Review: Lights, Skin & Earth

Lights has been building up to something special in her career, and that something special is her fourth album, Skin & Earth, released in September 2017.

One of the Last Kangaroos

Who exactly are the Kangaroos? Interestingly, the roots of the Kangaroo Regiment – and the connection to St. Thomas – take us back to World War Two, specifically Holland in fall 1944.

Wandering the City

The Railway City Arts Crawl is one of the few events in St. Thomas that really seems to spur residents and visitors to wander the city. This year the event took place on the February 23-24 weekend.

Big Art: The ‘School of STEAM’

Visitors to the STEAM Centre in St. Thomas may have noticed a massive new addition in the space. A painting called ‘The School of STEAM’ has been installed on the first floor.

How to Instagram

How do you improve your Instagram account and make it appealing to the public eye? Author Henry Carroll shows us how.

Local Spotlight: Streamliners Espresso Bar

Stacey Hayhoe, co-owner of Streamliners Espresso Bar, visited STEAM City Media headquarters recently to chat with student-journalist Alex Popen (left) and volunteer Andrew Gunn (right). Naturally, she brought coffees!

5 days ago

STEAM City Media

We are thrilled to welcome Streamliners Espresso Bar to the STEAM team!

St Thomas' espresso bar is the official sponsor of our 'Weekend JAM' instagram segment which brings you 6 news items in 60 seconds for your weekend ahead.

This week's 'Streamliners Weekend JAM' highlights CASO Station Giant Tiger and Dowler-Karn!

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